About the Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League

Revised October 16, 2019

The Mid-Hudson Scholasitc Chess League (MHSCL), which is currently playing its 18th season, is a consortium of Mid-Hudson Valley Schools dedicated to promoting the game of chess. The league consists of two divisions of five teams. Each team consists of three or more players. Only three people from each team are allowed to play. The extra players may be used as substitutes. Each team plays five matches against teams in its division.

Each match consists of three, three-game sets (a total of nine games). A team receives one game point for a win, a half-game point for a draw, and no game points for a loss. The team that wins five or more games receives one match point. If both teams accumulate 4.5 game points, they will each receive one-half match point. The top two teams in each division participate in post-season play to determine the champion.

The MHSCL also sponsors two five-round Swiss events, the Kick-Off Tournament in October, and the End-Of-Season Swiss in March. The Kick-Off tournament is open to all scholastic players. The End-Of-Season tournament is held on the same day as the playoffs involving players of teams not participating in post-season play.

The U.S. Chess Federation's Official Rules of Chess govern all levels of play.

Expenses, including transportation, chess equipment, and dues, are the responsibility of the participating team and school.

Most games are played on Saturdays at some of the teams' schools.  Advisors may contact each other to make other arrangements.

While the game of chess is certainly not a test of one's athletic ability, we think people will be interested in following the competition between schools. Many people play chess recreationally - in basements, living rooms, back yards, parks, and libraries. More serious individuals participate in USCF-rated tournaments.

I would like to thank all the advisors and students for making the league a success. Click MHSCL to go to the league's home page, and Blog to read the league blog.

Have fun keeping track of the MHSCL season!

Larry King

MHSCL Secretary and Webmaster

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